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Frat Assault

A Columbia man was in Callaway County Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to the beating of a fellow fraternity brother in 2013. 22 year old Ethan Muffett admitted that he infact did hit another man in the face and head in an altercation at Westminster College in September of 2013. The victim suffered from multiple facial fractures along with brain damage. Muffett was sentenced to 120 days in jail along with 100 hours of community service and 5 years of probation.

Sturgeon Police Misconduct

It was an  unusually packed house at last night's Sturgeon City Council meeting as residents came out to show support for Police Chief Greg Halderman.

Allegations of misconduct have surfaced surrounding Halderman, with reports indicating the Police Chief has even been asked to resign.

Residents on hand voiced concerns regarding what they perceive as a lack of transparency by Sturgeon City Officials.

Council met behind closed doors following the meeting to discuss the matter with Halderman not present.

Meanwhile, an outside investigation held at the request of Chief Halderman has concluded. Results are pending. Sturgeon City Council has not yet voted on the matter.

Jefferson City Domestic Disturbance

Jefferson City Police were called to an apartment late Tuesday night about a possible domestic disturbance that had occurred. At around 11 o'clock officers were dispatched to the Broadmoor apartments on Ellis Boulevard. Officers said that when they arrived at the apartment complex, the man who was believed to have been involved in the disturbance lead them to believe he had a weapon. Police then called a SWAT team and there was a standoff between authorities and the suspect for more than an hour. The standoff ended peacefully with the man being taken into custody and no injuries reported. Jefferson City Police are still investigating this case.

Columbia Child Porn Sentencing

A Columbia man will now see time behind bars after he was sentenced by a federal court Tuesday. 25 year old Ian Burlow was sentenced for his actions where he reportedly used a false identity to lure 7 teens into child pornography in February 2014. Records indicate that Burlow posed as a woman and got pornographic pictures of up to 7 boy scouts ranging in ages from 14 to 17. He pleaded guilty to 7 charges of receiving and distributing child pornography involving 6 different minors. He will be seeing 20 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

Osage County Sheriff Revocation

The Osage County Commission has drafted a solution to request the resignation of Sheriff Michael Dixon, the day after he lost his peace officers license. Reports say that if Dixon refuses to step down, a resolution was passed to force him out of office. This comes after Dixon was facing several criminal charges in 2013 stemming from the alleged sexual misconduct, assault, stalking and harassment of a Belle Police Officer. If Dixon is stripped of his badge, the department will need to work with a court to find a replacement for the ballot.

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