Okra – you either love this vegetable or hate it or haven’t tried it. But, it IS a healthy food. Okra is in season typically from July through October. It’s most commonly green but there are other varieties such as red. Depending on how you cook it – okra can produce a slimy texture but […]


Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has announced a $1 million dollar water quality initiative. During the Vice President’s lunch at the Farm Science Review on Tuesday, September 16, Dean Bruce McPheron described the Field to Faucet initiative as an end-to-end solution. “Some of the things will be short term wins, […]


Compared to other first day crowds, Matt Sullivan, Assistant Show Manager at Farm Science Review called Tuesday a strong opening day, with visitors and exhibitors both upbeat. Matt says because Farm Science Review is university sponsored, it’s a little different from other outdoor farm shows in that education is a big part of the three […]


Purdue University is celebrating 10 years at Farm Science Review. Jason Henderson, director of Purdue Extension says it’s been a great partnership with Ohio State. “For us it was just a natural extension of what we were doing,” said Henderson. “The connections we have, that’s really the strength of Cooperative Extension and the Land Grant […]


Dr. Temple Grandin will participate in a public discussion at Fair Oaks Farms’ The Farmhouse Restaurant.  Grandin will discuss reducing fear and stress in animals, breeding, handling stress in livestock, and gestation stalls. A question and answer session will follow Dr. Grandin’s presentation. The event is October 21 from 2pm to 4pm Central Time. A […]


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